We are now involved in a new show called AVONDALE, penned by Len Pentin, the creator of the acclaimed Cork Jackets and Drill. A CD containing all 23 of the songs from the show is now available.

Avondale is performed by Len Pentin, Chris Nelson, Siobhan Nelson, Mike Huddart and Don Palmer.

Although similar in format to Cork Jackets and Drill – songs with narration and a slide show – Avondale has a very different musical feel. The show was due to debut in Spring 2020, but performances were postponed due to Coronavirus. The show finally had its debut at the Atkinson in Southport, on 9 September 2021, and it was extremely well received. We look forward to bringing it to a wider audience. To find out more about the show, go to the Avondale website: www.avondale.uk.com


“A writer is lucky if once in a lifetime a true-life story drops into his or her lap, that not only is fantastic in its detail but has not already been claimed and written up by someone else.

AVONDALE is such a story. Beyond a casual mention on a local history site, the full extended story of Kate Fitzpatrick, a mysterious inmate of Ormskirk Workhouse, has never seen the light of day on any stage or any page – that in itself is remarkable, never mind the events of the story themselves!

The story involves the last tragic voyage of The Lusitania, a dramatic search for a lost relative and much more besides. As soon as I came across this story, I knew I had to write it up. Yes it’s a local story but its themes, like any great story, are universal. Set in both the UK (Ormskirk) and the USA (Illinois and New York), it’s a story that connects two continents and two women whose paths would normally, under other circumstances, most likely never have crossed.

If the story around these two women was fiction, it would never be believed – it would be deemed fantastical – but, nonetheless, the remarkable events depicted in Avondale really did occur. While some crucial information around the story remains lost to time, what remains manifests into a tale that demands to be told and remembered for all sorts of reasons.

Avondale is performed by members of The Cork Jacket Crew. It is a two act performance of narration and original songs.”

Len Pentin (Writer of Avondale)

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