Avondale, 2021

Avondale CD front cover

The CD contains all 23 of the songs from the show Avondale, written by Len Pentin, and performed by Chris Nelson, Siobhan Nelson, Len Pentin, Mike Huddart & Don Palmer.


Early Birds, 2010


Ratcliffe Highway (trad. arr.); The Early Birds (G. Parry/C. Nelson); The Wife of the Soldier (B. Brecht/J. Scott); Ellen’s Song (R. Rooney); Four Hours’ Work (B. Wake); The Loyal Lover (trad. arr.); Katherine of Oregon (A. Stewart); The Bone Lace Weaver (L. Wheatcroft/R. Harris; Scarecrow (J. Tams); Stars Fall (J. Benford); New York Trader (trad. arr.); Not Lie Down (D. MacLean); This Stage of the Game (G. Parry/C.&S. Nelson); That’s All (S. Wold); Play the Hand (B. Wake)
Guest musicians: Roger Gardiner (bass), Bill Hackney (harmonica), and Abbie Lathe (harmony vocal on Play the Hand)
Recorded and produced by Chris and Siobhan
Reviews of ‘Early Birds’:
“That our folk scene can quietly turn out such understated beauty, in the absence of vacuous media hype, gives hope to genuine lovers of music that the true beauty of art will ultimately prevail; that the cream of our music scene will always rise quietly and effortlessly to the top. Early Birds undoubtedly deserves to be jostling politely amongst the upper echelons of more commercial releases, and could certainly teach many of these pretenders a thing or two about integrity and humility. You really should buy Early Birds: bask in its quiet splendour, luxuriate in its shimmering allure… simply enjoy it, because it is simply enjoyable.”
Mike Wilson, folking.com
“an admirably diverse, keenly chosen and carefully-sequenced collection of (mostly infrequently-covered) songs, very well sung, which are blessed with imaginative settings that display a genuinely creative yet refreshingly non-gimmicky approach to multitracking … It helps that Chris is a highly skilled musician (fiddle, viola, tenor guitar, mandolin etc.) and producer; he also (selectively) contributes sensitively understated vocal lines that harmonise satisfyingly with Siobhan’s crystal-pure yet highly expressive tones … Siobhan’s voice radiates a gentle, movingly tender quality that’s deceptive, in that attentive listening reveals a considerable latent reserve of power within… Arguably, Chris and Siobhan’s greatest achievement is an unobtrusive demonstration of their expertise and artistry which also manages to convey that all-important sense of true commitment to their chosen material.”
David Kidman, October 2010


Day Has Dawned, 2006

The Climbing Boy (B. Wake); Streets of Forbes (trad. arr.); False Night on the Road (trad. arr.); Oregon (T. Zimmerman); Young Waters (trad. arr.); Purple, White and Green (B. Wake); Mole in a Hole (M. Waterson); Curlew (A. Lathe/T. Poole); The Bold Dragoon (trad. arr./J. Eastaugh); Outside of the Inside (R. Thompson); Rain and Snow (trad. arr.); Rockin’ Chair (W. Mitchell/V. Grey); Song of the Artesian Water (A.B. Patterson/C. O’Sullivan ); City Lights (B. Wake); Seventeen Cents (J. Stecher); Chapel Streets (B. Wake)
Guest musicians: Roger Gardiner (bass), Bill Hackney (harmonica), and Pete Rimmer guitar on City Lights‘)
Recorded and produced by Chris and Siobhan

Reviews of Day Has Dawned:

“A credible, intimate acoustic set, with Siobhan’s powerful yet tender voice accompanied by Chris’s sensitive fiddle/viola and mando/guitar. Enterprising selection of songs… One to savour and return to.” fRoots (Oct. 2006 issue)

“[Chris’s] imaginative combinations of instrumental timbres… [Siobhan’s] moving, appealingly tender-sounding voice which can sometimes quite belie its very power… This is a quite exceptional CD, which manages the difficult feat of being both satisfyingly charming and thought-provoking in a way that doesn’t need to shout at you but makes a more unassuming impact by virtue of its integrity, excellent taste and high-quality musicianship.” (David Kidman, NetRhythms) 

“Day Has Dawned sparkles like the sun on the dew in the morning.” (FATEA)


Tomorrow’s Sun, 2004

No longer available



Ebb and Flow by Nelsons Wake, 2008

A collection of songs written by Barry Wake


Cork Jackets and Drill: The Great Lifeboat Disaster of 1886released in 2014

Studio recording of songs and narration from the stage production, written by Len Pentin and performed by Chris Nelson, Siobhan Nelson, Len Pentin, Pete Rimmer & Clive Pownceby.

This CD is sold out!


RESIDENTS’ LOUNGE by Bothy Folk Club residents, 2007


Other recordings

Geoff Parry charity CDs:

Freedom’s Light, Geoff Parry & various artists , 2018.

Making History, Geoff Parry & various artists, 2015.

The End of the Line, Geoff Parry & various artists, 2011.

Send the Rainbow, Geoff Parry & various artists, 2006.  

…and more:

Fridge in the Fast Lane, The Cluster of Nuts Band, 1983. Chris – fiddle/vocals.

One Foot in the Water, The New St George, 1991. Chris – fiddle; Siobhan – vocals/stepping.

Unclogged, Loose Screws, 1996. Chris – fiddle/vocals; Siobhan – vocals/stepping.

Baker’s Dozen, various artists, 2010, Friends of Folk compilation CD.

Blah-Blah-Blah! by Ellen, 2015. Charity CD (in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society) by Siobhan’s amazingly talented mum, who sings blues, jazz, swing etc. The CD includes 2 duets with Siobhan: Cornsilk and Java Jive.


Contributions to CDs by other musicians include:

Don’t You Love Stars, Ray Rooney, 2013. Siobhan – vocals; Chris – fiddle/backing vocal/production.

Snapshot by Pete Rimmer, 2012. Chris – fiddle, mandolin, production.

Lost at Sea, Ray Rooney, 2010.

Donovan Songs, Pete Rimmer, 2004. C&S – backing vocals; Chris – mandolin/octave mandola/production.

Best Wishes, Barry Wake, 2002.

Sorry About That!, Arnie Cottrell, 1997. Chris – fiddle.

Rise at Dawn, Barry Wake, 1997. Chris – fiddle/mandolin/backing vocals.

Time Alone Will Tell, Barry Wake, 1994. Chris – fiddle/backing vocals.

Darling Good Ale, George Wilson, 1993. Chris – fiddle.


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